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How to receive parcels in Argentina?

As you know,it is hard to receive parcels in Argentina? No,that isn't an issue any more,but you need to pay the customs tax when your parcel arrived in Argentine customs office.No worries,the tax won't be a lot,because our team PIGGOODS will low the value of your package.

When and Where to pay the customs tax?

When your order was shipped,you will get a shipment email from us,keep tracking your parcel with it untill it says held untill tax payment,then you can go to the Correo Argentino website to check the tutorial,you need to creat an account on their website with your personal information,when you done,enter your MailAmericas tracking number (Example:RP102385726MU),it will guide you to pay the tax.

How much should i to pay?

  • Import Duties
    • For the first 12 shipments:
      • If the value of your shipment does not exceed USD 50, no payment is due.
      • If the value of your shipment exceeds USD 50, you will pay 50% of the excess of that value.

For example, if your shipment has a value of USD 70, the excess of USD 50 is subtracted; On that surplus of USD 20, you will pay 50% Import Duties, in this case USD 10.

  • When you exceed 12 shipments in the year: you will pay 50% of the value of your shipment.
  • Mail Rate : Fixed amount in all cases.
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